We have sold the majority of our Alpines and Audi is the only alpine that Eric still owns.
Audi is bred to one of our Sable bucks for Spring of 2016. We hope to retain a doe kid from
Audi, and if she gives us a doe kid, she will be available for sale in Spring of 2016. If
you are interested in Audi, please let us know and we can contact you after she freshens in Spring.



Kickapoo-Valley Jagged Audi
French Alpine
A1510234 - DOB: 03/18/10

SS: *B Nixon's Vanguard Warrior LA-87
Sire: *B Strawberry-Fields Jagged Edge
SD: GCH Willow Run WRAW Jasmine 4*M LA-91

DS: Kickapoo-Valley Saga Xparte
Dam: CH Kickapoo-Valley Xparte Yuppie
DD: CH Kickapoo-Valley Saga Tennis LA-89


Dam: CH Kickapoo-Valley Xparte Yuppie

Sire: *B Strawberry-Fields Jagged Edge


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